Light Barrier – Second Edition, 2015


Concave mirrors, Projection, Scanning

Kimchi and Chips’ new work commissioned by STRP Festival continues the work of the original 「Light Barrier, 2014」 into a new story with new physical techniques.

The visual story follows the journey of a digital form. It begins by passing through the Light Barrier, so that this digital form transcends the limits of its home reality and enters into our physical one. It then explores the possibilities of its new found physicality, whilst attempting to assert its digital identity. Finally the form travels through the Light Barrier again to pass away to the next reality.

The physical installation is presented with a heightened intensity, creating colour and contrast against the ephemeral white light projections. The light travels with scale and control to create determined objects of light within the air, further opening a window onto a semi-material mode of existence.


Mimi Son
Elliot Woods

Junghoon Pi (
Junyoung Park (

Onjeong Rhee
Artur Musalimov

Mimi Son
Elliot Woods

By Kimchi and Chips

Exhibitions - solo 2014 the Distortion Field 2014 심포지움 2014 Da Vinci Creative 2014 @ 금천예술공장

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