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The Sculpture of Gap and Rhythm

Park, Chan-Girl was able to find numerous possibilities that can show the sculptures in an open way without losing the attention to the great sculpture pieces. Additionally, he opposes the unique aura of masterpieces. Furthermore, in the access to the form and volume, he overlays his imagination. For this, a precise process is required which is different than the original piece. Accompanied by combining skills and the technique of arranging, he is able to find the different aesthetics of space than the original work. As mentioned before, the space between the steel tower surfaces is important. The optical elements which occur in the process of creating new relationship between the spaces are deep. Based on these elements, a unique space review is conducted. Taken together, his sculptures can be considered to be the work of opening and closing. In other words, he secured the space by opening the spaces between each unit. The flow of the air which occur in the space as well as the niche of the landscape shown through the gaps are also a part of the sculpture. As he represents, through a type of “afterimage,” he approaches the viewers. It is a sculpture that is created like the waves by layers and tiers. Accordingly, depending on which direction you are looking at his sculptures, the story of the sculptures changes.
Park gives a new breath to the traditional sculpture and also presents the rhythm of the modern sculpture. Rather than locking the meaning inside the stainless, he places humor. He induces tactile through the panorama on the outside and by allowing the eye contact with the viewer from the other side of the gap, Part left the possibility for the joyful sculpture open. Work of art to Park, Chan-Gul is conversations between two parties beyond the space of great meaning. Additionally, Park, Chan-Girl is the messenger who tells the abundant stories about the modern sculpture to the viewers. Gam, Yoonjo (Curator of Hangaram Art Gallery, The Seoul Arts Center) 동영상

By Changirl Park

'- B.F.A in Sculpture Chungnam National Univ. Korea
- M.F.A in Fine art KyungHee Univ. Korea 내마음에 강물흐르다. Education ~ 충남대학교 조소과 경희대 대학원 조소

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